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PROF/TRAC welcomes any expansion of its Training Material Repository with new resources in the field of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings. We only accept material in English. Read the user guide on uploading material in the database.

Fill in the forms below to upload your own material in the repository and share it within our network. Our content management staff will evaluate your request and notify you once the material is online.

May you have any doubts about the upload process or selection criteria, do not hesitate to contact us at cp(at)rehva.eu & sb(at)rehva.eu 

Upload documents
  • Please specify who is the Intellectual Property owner of the submitted material (for instance the project under which the resource was created)
  • Awareness of energy efficiency: The resource contains information about general
    strategies to reduce energy use in buildings
    and/or about guidelines on how to involve
    occupants in energy efficiency initiatives
  • Energy management: The resource contains information about the
    energy management, i.e. smart grid systems,
    domotic systems, building management systems,
  • Energy production: The resource contains information about energy
    production using on-site and off-site renewable
    energy (e.g. geothermal, solar, biofuels, district heating/cooling, CHP)
  • Energy reduction: The resource contains information about active
    and passive design strategies for reducing energy
    use (e.g. insulation/airtightness and
    heating/cooling systems)
  • Interdisciplinary skills: The resource contains information about
    interdisciplinary skills (e.g. information
    management, teamwork, quality assurance,
    integrated design, IEQ, procurement)
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