TtT4 outcomes: PROF/TRAC network gets broader

Tuesday, 19th December 2017

Welcome the new PROF/TRAC certified Trainers!

The PROF/TRAC platform grows up as sixteen new certified Training Providers have joined its network.
The Trainers have attended all the 8 sessions of the Train-the-Trainers Webinar Course (TtT4), held between October and November 2017 by PROF/TRAC Trainers, and have successfully completed several tests. They are now part of the PROF/TRAC network and they will be able to involve additional trainers and training organizations in the platform.

The new Trainers are:
-Charles Yousif (Malta),
-Eshrara Latif (UK),
-Ioan Boian (Romania),
-Jayanta Deb Mondol (UK),
-Jose Luiz Vazquez Otero (Spain),
-Lis O'Brien (Ireland),
-Manuel Ruiz de Adana (Spain),
-Marek Piotrowicz (Poland),
-Margherita Finamore (Italy),
-Nermin Koroglu Isin (Turkey),
-Patrice Godonou (Sweden),
-Pedro Lucas Martins (Portugal),
-Petar Kisyov (Bulgaria),
-Serena Piselli (Italy),
-Tomasz Cholewa (Poland).

You can find here the detailed PROF/TRAC Training Providers profiles.

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