Second Newsletter
June 2016

Welcome to PROF/TRAC’s second newsletter!

This is a bi-annual newsletter with updated news and events from around Europe on Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) in the framework of the Horizon 2020 project PROF/TRAC.


PROF / TRAC is a 3-year EU funded project with 15 partners from eight EU countries, which started in March 2015. PROF / TRAC targets technical experts, architects, engineers and building managers involved in nZEB design, construction and management by developing a European training and qualification scheme for continuous development and up-skilling of all professionals.

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If you are a training provider and you would like to join our CPD scheme feel free to contact us.

Project progress: The development of a EU roadmap

To realise and implement an Open Education Platform, as well as a European Qualification Scheme, the development of a roadmap is an important basis and part of the PROF/TRAC project. With the successful skills mapping undertaken by the seven pilot countries as a basis, several national roadmaps with results are now being elaborated. After finalizing these national roadmaps, PROF / TRAC partner ISSO will generate and distribute a EU-wide overall version based on the corresponding results or differences.


During the skills mapping, the current and needed skills regarding nZEBs on various technologies for defined professions, e.g. architect, mechanical engineer, financial manager, were identified and mapped. Each pilot country adjusted or refined these professions for national implementation. Moreover existing qualifications, knowledge sources, education programmes, post-initial training supply and accreditation/ certification structures have been inventoried at this stage of the project.

A successful first Train the Trainers course

The first 2-day TtT course for 22 participants from seven partnering countries took place in February and was hosted by the Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT).

From the PROF/TRAC project 7 experts gave the following lectures:

  • General introduction PROF/TRAC (HIA)
  • Mapping the situation (ISSO)
  • Specifics of NZEB at the design, realization, commissioning, operation, financing (AAU)
  • Energy systems for NZEB , computational tools for the evaluation energy performance of buildings, BIM (CVUT)
  • Overview of existing teaching materials, link to the repository (AAU)
  • Introduction and overview of IDES-EDU material (HIA)
  • Modern teaching methods, seminar, webinar, brainstorming, workshop, cross-disciplinary team work (ISSO)
  • Basis for the development of national training programs (IVE)

Afterwards the participants worked in their national teams (Slovenia, Croatia, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic) in three workshops on:

  • National training programs
  • Transnational review on:
    • content
    • interdisciplinary integration
    • management
  • Refinement of the training programs 

At the end of the workshop the outcomes were complete skills mapping for each pilot country, a SWOT analyses for the organization of national training programs, and seven complete frameworks for national course plans. The course was closed with a site visit to the passive house project Ecocity Malesice.


Altogether we can conclude that the training providers did an excellent job by selecting their experts for this event. It appeared to be a highly motivated and experienced team, very active in participating in interesting deep discussions from the start. Moreover the fact that both engineers and architects were working together in this workshop was very positive.


A successful PROF / TRAC workshop has been held at REHVA World Congress CLIMA 2016, the leading International scientific congress in the field of HVAC, on the 24th of May. The workshop benefited also of the contribution and presentation of Philippe Mosely, project advisor at EASME.


The PROF / TRAC workshop presented the Open Training Platform and Qualification Scheme for continuous professional development in nZEB design and construction, which aims also to improve the collaboration between architects, technical experts and managers. The platform includes also a training material repository targeting practicing professionals.


Experiences from previous training sessions within the project were shared, and the additional values of knowledge sharing between different types of experts were highlighted.


The interest for the project was very high and many remarkable points have been discussed, which resulted in various REHVA members joining the next Train-the-Trainers session to be hosted in Zagreb (Croatia) from 19 to 21 September 2016.


Presentations can be downloaded here.

Housing Europe’s role in the PROF / TRAC Team

During the construction and renovation of nZEB buildings, architects, engineers, technical experts, as well as building managers have to master complex skills. Additionally, they are required to work more and more closely and efficiently with each other in a still fragmented building sector. This is why the PROF / TRAC project is dedicated to the training of nZEB building sector’s professionals through a European Train-the-Trainers program. Exchange of expertise and knowledge between the EU and the local level will fulfil an essential condition to develop nZEB buildings on a national scale.


Housing Europe brings the perspective of public, cooperative and social housing associations into the project. Its last flagship initiative, PowerHouse nearly Zero Energy Challenge identified challenges of nZEB, as well as coming up with concrete policy suggestions and practical solutions. Representatives of housing associations will feed into the practical side and the skills that are required on a daily basis, while they will have the chance to get valuable insights from their counterparts.


With their field experience, Housing Europe will also be carrying out dissemination activities by communicating the development process of the PROF/TRAC training and qualification platform.

Collaboration with the MEnS project

There are many common points with our PROF/TRAC project, but also a very complementary approach. We decided to collaborate in order to create positive synergies.


The MEnS project, funded under the same Horizon 2020 call, designs and implements educational and training programs for building professionals in 11 EU countries representing different EU areas, ensuring that certain percentage of the participants are women and unemployed professionals. This training uses the ECTS system that enables the recognition of proved qualifications throughout Europe.


PROF / TRAC and MEnS project teamed up for a presentation of their ideas and activities for collaboration at the BUILDUP Skills 8th EU Exchange Meeting in Budapest on 2-3 June 2016. These BUS Exchange meetings are open to BUILD UP Skills project coordinators and partners involved in the BUILD UP Skills and Horizon2020 construction skills projects. PROF/TRAC was represented by coordinator Peter Op ‘t Veld, Huygen IA and Anita Derjanecz, REHVA.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programe under grant agreement No. 649473. The sole responsibility for the content of this newsletter lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Communities. The Executive Agency of Small and Medium Enterprises is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.


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