Keep your nZEB knowledge and skills up-to-date!
With the BUILD UP Skills advisor app, you will find exactly the technical training you need to be of service to the customer of today and tomorrow.
With the download and use of this free app you invest in the quality of your professional career!

How does it work?
The free-to-use app is a handy tool that quickly maps out the relevant training opportunities for sustaining of the built environment. By linking these possibilities to specific techniques and professions, the app provides you with an appropriate training advice that matches your situation. By turning on the app notifications for the specific techniques you want to follow, you will automatically receive updates on the most current course offers and question sets about practical situations.

Download the app!
A smartphone with iOS or Android is all you need to use the app. Go to Google or the Apple store via the search term ‘build up skills advisor' and download the app to start immediately!

Regions available
At this moment we provide this service for three regions
- EU for training courses and self-study materials available in English
- NL for training courses and e-learning available in Dutch (also for blue collar workers)
- IE for training courses in Ireland

On Sept 1, 2020 the H2020 project BUSLeague starts. In this project the BUILD UP Skills advisor-app will become available in Austria, France, Spain and Bulgaria.

Select your region in two easy steps:
1. Open settings by selecting the dropdown next to the flag icon
2. Select the EU region


If needed you can adjust the interface language to English, Dutch or Spanish by using the ‘Hamburgermenu’

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