PROF / TRAC in a nutshell

PROF / TRAC targets technical experts, architects and managers involved in nZEB design and construction...


PROF / TRAC was initiated by an interdisciplinary team representing important stakeholders dealing...

Photographer: ©Miran Kambič
Milestones and outcomes

1. Mapping of the required skills and current skill gaps of professionals in nZEB...

Country: GERMANY
Building: Erstes Passivhaus
Architect: REITER Architekten, Dresden
Photographer: Spitzner, Gera


PROF / TRAC will develop an Open Training and Qualification Platform for professionals dealing with nearly zero energy buildings.

PROF / TRAC in a nutshell

PROF / TRAC targets technical experts, architects and managers involved in nZEB design and construction. The developed European training and qualification scheme will be part of a life-long-life learning process for continuous development and up-skilling of professionals.

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PROF/TRAC developed a European Train-the-Trainers (TtT) Program to facilitate the efficient use, adaptation and implementation of the EU level training materials, existing training structures, and certification schemes into national CPD programmes. The TtT program will also educate ambassadors of the PROF/TRAC scheme, who can initiate and organize the local training programs and can train the trainers on the national scale.

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Milestones and outcomes

1. Mapping of the required skills and current skill gaps of professionals in nZEB
2. Development of an Open Training Platform and Qualification scheme
3. Train the Trainers programme for training provider REHVA and ACE members...

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Thursday, 12th January 2017

Third Project Newsletter 12/2016

Did you have a chance to read our latest newsletter?

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Friday, 25th November 2016

Registration open for the third Train the Trainers in Valencia

Register now for the third Train the Trainers (TtT) training in Valencia 25 and 26 January 2017

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Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland and PROF/TRAC

Why does the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland participate in PROF/TRAC?

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Friday, 28th October 2016

Video of the Italian PROF/TRAC training on nZEB

Watch the video of the Italian PROF/TRAC partner CNAPPC on their nZEB training.

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Wednesday, 12th October 2016
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Friday, 29th July 2016

2nd Newsletter now available in Slovenian

You prefer to read nZEB news in Slovenian?

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  • Feb 2017 (2)
  • Mar 2017 (1)
  • Apr 2017 (1)
  • May 2017 (4)
  • Jun 2017 (1)
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  • Aug 2017 (1)
  • Sep 2017 (2)

February 2017

Bauz! Vienna Congress on Sustainable Building

The event's  motto is "What may change?", referring to the 2015 Paris Agreement, i.e. the agreement on the decarbonization of the world economy by 2050. The event focuses on the upcoming changes in the area of planning and building in the years to come in order to reach this goal.


  • Cooperation: The event will provide expertise from Finland on the already-advanced state of play there: BIM for buildings, city models above the level of buildings.
  • Developing locations: People, buildings, neighborhood is a comparable triple concept, with its individual components impacting one another in a circular fashion. Thinking in these circular terms is becoming ever-more important. The event includes contributions on the Swiss methodology field-tested in Austria, concepts from Vienna, and insights into the realities of urban planning in Mumbai.
  • Criteria for future-proof buildings: How can we identify whether a building can aptly fulfill its intended purpose? Building assessment systems endeavor to reach this goal, define requirements, and thus also become planning aids. The event provides attendees with the opportunity to listen to contributions from Vorarlberg and the Lake Constance area, and will deal with the operation of buildings and green infrastructure.
  • Thinking in life cycles: Whether it is about money, energy efficiency, CO2 emissions or the scenarios after the end of utilization: it is always the thinking in terms of life cycles that constitutes the more realistic option. The methods used to achieve this goal are in the process of brisk development. There will be presentations from Germany and Austria on this topic.
  • Learning from building operation: Monitoring makes a building "smart". Experiences will be from Germany and Austria will be provided

Beside the plenary discussions, there will be roundtables about green spaces, social free spaces, neighborhood assessment, new building criteria and prototypes, as well as building rehabilitation. The event includes architecture field visit to the main sites of the current Vienna urban expansion phase, as well as the Award ceremony of ÖGNB (Austrian Sustainable Building Council) and klimaaktiv.

Wednesday 15 Feb
Friday 17 Feb

ACREX 2017

The 2017 chapter of ACREX India, the biggest, widest and a most dynamic global platform on this side of the continent on all that is cool is going to be held in Delhi. The focus will not be limited only to HVAC&R the exhibition will feature diverse Building Engineering Services that include Electrical & Plumbing Services, Building Automation and the ever - growing Cold Chain Industry.

Thursday 23 Feb
Saturday 25 Feb

March 2017

The World Sustainable Energy Days

The World Sustainable Energy Days –European Energy Efficiency conference, dedicated to technologies, policies and markets, informs about innovative business and financing models and presents pilot projects and best practice solutions, completed by Europe’s leading tradeshow on energy efficiency and renewable energy (Energiesparmesse).

March 1-3, 2017 in Wels/Austria.

Wednesday 1 Mar
Friday 3 Mar

April 2017

Energy Cities Conference 2017

In 2017, the Energy Cities Conference will be hosted from 26 to 28 April by the German city of Stuttgart, well-known for its industrial activity as well as for its foresighted climate and energy policy. In a region which can be considered the birthplace of the German energy transition (Energiewende), Stuttgart will serve as a learning place on the societal, cultural, economic and technological shifts that come with the energy transition in Europe.

How fit are cities and their national governments for taking effective action towards a 2050 low-carbon roadmap? Are they making policy choices that favour stakeholder involvement for a stronger energy democracy, transfer of competences to the local level and monetary flows towards more local and low-carbon projects?

The 3D -democracy, devolution and divestment- will be key topics during the 2-3 days featuring:

    50 interactive sessions to question, debate and learn from peers
    2 inspiring talks to think big
    1 plenary debate focusing on The Energiewende: export hit or slow seller?
    1 Mayors session to build a stronger, more local Energy Union
    Knowledge transfer from Stuttgart: storytelling by Lord Mayor Fritz Kuhn and on-site energy tours.

Wednesday 26 Apr
Friday 28 Apr

May 2017

All Energy UK 2017

All-Energy, the UK’s largest renewable energy event, is taking place on 10th & 11th May 2017 in Glasgow. Since its launch in 2001, All-Energy has provided the industry suppliers, experts and thought-leaders from the renewable energy supply chain the opportunity to connect with new customers, increase their sales opportunities and expand business networks in this fast-changing marketplace.

The free-to-attend annual conference and exhibition brings together the UK’s largest group of buyers from the bioenergy, solar, offshore and onshore wind, hydropower and wave & tidal sectors, as well as those involved in energy storage, heat, low carbon transport and sustainable cities solutions.

Wednesday 10 May
Thursday 11 May


• Indoor and outdoor climate: how to design the retrofit in the Mediterranean basin
• HVAC systems: equipment performance in historical buildings
• Use of renewable energy
• Standards for cultural heritage
• Cultural heritage and historical buildings: conservation, microclimate and sustainability
• Applications of new techniques for HVAC
• Cases study

Friday 12 May
Saturday 13 May

Construction 21 Expo

A virtual trade fair dedicated to sustainable construction solutions for the European market.
Leading green investors, developers, bankers, building owners, project managers, architects, engineers, facilities managers, technology, materials, products, and service providers along with municipalities, expert organizations and other key stakeholders of green building projects will participate in this one of kind event.

Sunday 14 May
Monday 15 May

Construmat 2017

A range of companies covering every base, from planning and organisation to materials and products, through to project works execution and maintenance, building renovations, sustainability and the circular economy.

Tuesday 23 May
Friday 26 May

June 2017

World Sustainable Building Conference 2017, Hong Kong

WSBE17 Hong Kong is the world conference of the 2015-2017 cycle of the renowned SBE Conference Series, which is now considered to be the most influential of its kind globally. Following Hong Kong's selection as the host city, WSBE17 Hong Kong will conclude the cycle by embracing all of the findings from the 20 regional conferences held in different parts of the world in 2016.

Themed "Transforming Our Built Environment through Innovation and Integration: Putting Ideas into Action", Hong Kong has an aggressive target to "innovate" and "integrate". WSBE17 Hong Kong will bring together 1,800 green building advocates, policy-makers, academics, and industry practitioners from all over the world, offering an inspirational opportunity for delegates to "Put Ideas into Action" to transform the world's built environment.

As one of the densest and most vibrant urban environments in the world, Hong Kong is the perfect setting for conference participants to experience and discuss both the challenges and solutions involved in creating a sustainable built environment. Serving as a strategic gateway to Mainland China, Hong Kong also provides an unparalleled viewpoint for reviewing and discussing China's rapid urbanisation.

Monday 5 Jun
Wednesday 7 Jun
Hong Kong

July 2017

PLEA (Passive Low Energy Architecture) 2017

PLEA stands for Passive Low Energy Architecture. PLEA is a global network that has led a worldwide discourse on sustainable architecture and urban design through its conferences since 1982. It has a membership of thousands of professionals, academics, students and industry members from over 40 countries.

Sunday 2 Jul
Wednesday 5 Jul

August 2017

Building Simulation 2017

Building Simulation 2017 will bring together practitioners and researchers from around the world to share information about the state of the art in simulation tools and applications and to discuss new developments. The conference will feature updates and insights regarding new research to improve simulation capabilities for advanced low-energy building systems, case studies from successful projects that demonstrate the key role that simulation plays, and ongoing efforts to enable compliance and building rating software to support radiant and other energy efficient systems.

Monday 7 Aug
Wednesday 9 Aug
San Francisco

September 2017

UIA (International Union of Architects) Congress Seoul 2017

Under the theme “Soul of City,” this Congress will offer various opportunities for us to study on the architectural development of cities by analyzing and visualizing the apparent phenomena broadly witnessed across the world due to the rapid and perpetual urbanization; and to discuss challenges of the day by mapping the future we want to deliver. Together with various counterparts including world’s best architects, government representatives, institutional partners, international and non-governmental organization representatives, students, and the general public, we will, once again, continue to envision a sustainable and better urban life at the UIA 2017 Seoul.

Sunday 3 Sep
Sunday 10 Sep

13th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium (IVIS 2017)

Topics :

1. Characterization (microstructure, thermal characteristics, internal pressure, air permeability, gas diffusion, as adsorption...)
2. Heat, Air & Moisture Transfer, from materials to building scale
3. Ageing (film, core material, panel)
4. Envelope - Films
5. Advanced Porous Materials - Core Materials (Fiber Mats, Cellular Foams, Aerogel, Porous Silica…)
6. Life Cycle Assessment, Embodied Energy, Recycling
7. Applications: Building, Refrigeration, Transportation
8. Assessment of Performances & Standardisation

You are warmly invited to take part to this symposium and we welcome you to submit short abstracts (with maximum 200 words in MSWord format) covering the topics listed below on the submission site: ( by January, 13th 2017. 
Abstracts will be reviewed and sorted either for oral presentations or posters.

For both, oral presentation and posters, an extended abstract of two pages will be requested and published in the IVIS2017 Proceeding.

Accepted papers holding exceptional significance related to IVIS 2017 topics will be issued in “Energy & Building” or “Vacuum”.

Wednesday 20 Sep
Thursday 21 Sep
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