PROF / TRAC in a nutshell

PROF / TRAC targets technical experts, architects and managers involved in nZEB design and construction...


PROF / TRAC was initiated by an interdisciplinary team representing important stakeholders dealing...

Photographer: ©Miran Kambič
Milestones and outcomes

1. Mapping of the required skills and current skill gaps of professionals in nZEB...

Country: GERMANY
Building: Erstes Passivhaus
Architect: REITER Architekten, Dresden
Photographer: Spitzner, Gera


PROF / TRAC will develop an Open Training and Qualification Platform for professionals dealing with nearly zero energy buildings.

PROF / TRAC in a nutshell

PROF / TRAC targets technical experts, architects and managers involved in nZEB design and construction. The developed European training and qualification scheme will be part of a life-long-life learning process for continuous development and up-skilling of professionals.

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PROF/TRAC developed a European Train-the-Trainers (TtT) Program to facilitate the efficient use, adaptation and implementation of the EU level training materials, existing training structures, and certification schemes into national CPD programmes. The TtT program will also educate ambassadors of the PROF/TRAC scheme, who can initiate and organize the local training programs and can train the trainers on the national scale.

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Milestones and outcomes

1. Mapping of the required skills and current skill gaps of professionals in nZEB
2. Development of an Open Training Platform and Qualification scheme
3. Train the Trainers programme for training provider REHVA and ACE members...

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Teaser of the PROF/TRAC Train the Trainer Course

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Monday, 11th December 2017

Share your training material on nZEBs with the PROF/TRAC community

PROF/TRAC Consortium has given open access to its Training Material Repository

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Thursday, 16th November 2017
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Friday, 29th September 2017

Take a look at the new project leaflet in 8 languages

The second PROF/TRAC leaflet is out and available in 8 languages

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Tuesday, 19th September 2017


Thanks to project partner ZAPS we have now a Slovenian version of the latest newsletter.

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Thursday, 31st August 2017

PROF/TRAC launches 2 Train-the-Trainer webinar course for free

Learn the latest educational methods and become a certified course provider

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Thursday, 13th July 2017

4th PROF/TRAC Newsletter

The latest newsletter is available now!

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  • Feb 2018 (1)
  • Mar 2018 (1)
  • Jun 2018 (1)

February 2018

World Sustainable Energy Days 2018

The World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED) are among Europe’s largest annual conferences on energy efficiency and renewable energy. The 2018 conference will take place from 28 February - 2 March 2018 in Wels, Austria.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy are key to boost the economic competitiveness of the EU, its member states, regions and individual businesses. Resulting economic growth provides jobs and the ability to invest in the further progress of the clean energy transition to the benefit of all citizens. Clean energy for economic competitiveness and how to make the clean energy transition work for business, planet and people will therefore be core themes of the World Sustainable Energy Days 2018.

The event's topics are the following:

  • renewable energy sources
  • energy efficiency
  • energy-efficient and sustainable buildings, energy services
  • pellets
  • sustainable energy research, technologies, markets and policies
  • products, services, business models

WSED 2018 will feature policies, technology innovation and market development, offering a combination of conferences and interactive events:

  • European Pellet Conference
  • European Energy Efficiency Conference
  • Young Energy Researchers
  • Energy Efficiency Economy
  • E-Mobility & Smart Buildings
  • Technology Innovation: Energy and Buildings
  • Energy Efficiency Policy Workshop
  • Tradeshow, Poster Presentation, Site Visits
Wednesday 28 Feb
Friday 2 Feb

March 2018

Ecobuild 2018

ecobuild conference - The industry’s stage for debate and leadership
Positioned at the heart of the event and central to the knowledge programme is the ecobuild conference. 

The ecobuild conference will put sustainability firmly at the forefront of the agenda. It will give the built environment industry the opportunity to highlight, debate and present big picture issues, what matters to it now and in the future. Surrounding the ecobuild conference will be curated areas, shining a light on true innovation and demonstrating the different ways in which disciplines within the built environment sector approach sustainability.

Tuesday 6 Mar
Thursday 8 Mar

June 2018

C4E Forum 2018

Half-week interactive programme combining practical sessions, creative workshops and evening plenaries with high-level speakers and informal networking opportunities Professionals and those interested in energy efficiency in buildings from government, industry, NGOs, think-tanks, financial institutions, etc. from across the CEE region all in one place 


C4E Forum 2018 will take place on 13–16 June 2018
The location will be a green riverside resort Narvil in Poland, only 40 min from Warsaw
The length will be 2.5 days with the possibility of organizing pre-conference events at the margins


Registration fees will be determined shortly and registration will be open in September/October 2017.

Please stay tuned for information about the 2018 edition by subscribing to email updates at, and follow us on Twitter at @C4EForum.

Wednesday 13 Jun
Saturday 16 Jun
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