Milestones and outcomes

1. Mapping of the required skills and current skill gaps of professionals in nZEB

Mapping and assessment of:

  • professions involved in nZEB construction and retrofitting
  • required skills vs. present skills
  • existing qualifications, knowledge sources, education programmes, post-initial training supply and accreditation/certification structures

For the skills mapping, PROF/TRAC exploited methodologies developed within current national BUILD UP Skills actions. The methodology was developed coordinated by ISSO using the experience of REHVA members (ATECYR, DANVAC, HKIS, TVVL), ACE members (CNAPPC and ZAPS) and other training providers. The developed methodology is now offered for free to REHVA, ACE and Housing Europe members and other professional organisations that joined the scheme.

2. Development of an Open Training Platform and Qualification Scheme

The core of the PROF/TRAC project was the development and continuous update of an online open training platform.

The Open Training Platform - that you are browsing right now - includes:

  • A voluntary EU level training and qualification scheme according to the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning, to be adopted at national level
  • Information about professional profiles needed for NZEB construction
  • Links to free self-assessment tools for professionals to evaluate their skills and knowledge gaps in nZEB
  • Train-the-Trainers programs and webinars for interested training providers in Europe, to develop and harmonise national training schemes in nZEB
  • Information pool of certified buildings professionals who have successfully completed the training tools
  • Information pool about the European training programme, promotion of PROF/TRAC certified trainers and national training organisations
  • A training material repository

3. Train-the-Trainers programme for the developed curriculum and qualification schemes

PROF-TRAC developed an EU level Train-the-Trainers (TtT) programme and implemented 5 rounds of international TtT sessions organised by umbrella organisations representing the building sector (engineers - REHVA; architects – ACE; building owners & managers - Housing Europe) during the 3 years of the project.

By training a large group of ‘frontrunners’ in this programme, PROF-TRAC has generated a snowball effect, enabling massive up skilling of European building professionals. The ‘trained trainers’ act as ambassadors for the developed nZEB qualification scheme and will take care of a further roll-out and implementation of the action on national scale, customized to national needs according to the specific skills and qualifications required as well as to the climatic and building circumstances in their countries.

4. Development of a repository of the training material for use in education and post-graduate training

The Training Material Repository contains nZEB-related training material produced by PROF/TRAC and by any other European project/initiative/institution generating knowledge on nZEB design, construction, operation and maintenance. The Repository is open:

  • for consultation
  • for upload of new material, upon approval of PROF/TRAC management

By collecting, structuring and making available knowledge coming from various sources, but all with the same core topic about nZEBs, PROF/TRAC Training Material Repository has become a reference point for nZEB professionals in search of/willing to promote training material.

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