PROF / TRAC in a nutshell

Nearly Zero Energy Buildings construction and renovation require a large contribution from the building sector and is a challenge for the construction industry. It requires innovative design processes and technologies based on an integrated design approach and multi-disciplinary work teams.
Still, this approach is not yet common, as the building sector still works in a fragmented process. Major barriers to the transformation of the building stock are:

  • limited knowledge and skills in energy efficient buildings design and nZEB principles for many
    professionals in the buildings sector;
  • lack of collaboration between the different disciplines and professionals. Most of the available
    trainings focus on one specific target group and on one technique or concept;
  • lack of harmonised certification and qualification schemes with mainstreamed training materials
    for building professionals on nZEB;
  • lack of skills-mapping and qualifications for the specific subjects and target groups;
  • training materials for education and post-initial education created on an ad-hoc basis, without
    consensus on an underlying qualification framework.

PROF/TRAC provides a solution to overcome these barriers by offering an Open Training Platform and Qualification Scheme for Continuing Professional Development for professionals in the building sector. This platform targets technical experts, architects and building managers involved in nZEB design, construction and maintenance.

PROF/TRAC makes available to these building professionals:

  • European recommendations for minimum nZEB skill levels per work field, in the PROF/TRAC
    Qualification Scheme. The qualification scheme is part of a life-long learning process for continuous development and upskilling of professionals.
  • A list of certified PROF/TRAC trainers and training organizations in across Europe;
  • An online Train-the Trainers program, enabling training providers to become certified PROF/TRAC trainers. PROF/TRAC certification guarantees that PROF/TRAC trainers will provide their students with the needed skills, relevant educational material, modern teaching methods and the latest knowledge on design, construction, commissioning and operation of nZEBs;
  • A training material repository where to find nZEB related training material.
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