Thanks to project partner IVE we have now a Spanish version of the latest newsletter.


5th PROF/TRAC Newsletter December 2017

Read our 5th Newsletter here

4th PROF/TRAC Newsletter July 2017

Read our 4th Newsletter here

4th Newsletter in Danish

Thanks to project partner AAU we have now a Danish version of the latest newsletter. 

4th Newsletter in Italian

Thanks to project partner CNAPPC we have now an Italian version of the latest newsletter.  

4th Newsletter in Slovenian

Thanks to project partner ZAPS we have now a Slovenian version of the latest newsletter. 


4th Newsletter in Spanish

Thanks to project partner IVE we have now a Spanish version of the latest newsletter.  

3rd Newsletter 12/2016

Access our third Project Newsletter in English here.

Slovenian Translation of our third newsletter

Our third newsletter was translated into Slovenian by project partner ZAPS. 

Read it here.

Second Newsletter in English

Read the second newsletter here

2nd Newsletter in Slovenian

Read the full version here.

PROF/TRAC e-Newsletter

Download the last issue of the PROF/TRAC e-Newsletter here

PROF/TRAC e-Newsletter (Spanish version)

Download the last issue of the PROF/TRAC e-Newsletter in Spanish here

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