Final project report

The final PROF/TRAC report contains the key project achievements over 3 years (2015-2018) with respect to its key objectives: nZEB skills mapping, development of an open training platform, set up a Train the Trainers programme and Qualification Scheme, and creation of a training material repository. Read here the full report of what we did! 

Executive Summary on the nZEB construction skills  

This report includes the main results of the skills mappings and roadmaps on national level for seven EU countries, followed by conclusions for PROF/TRAC on a European level. At the end some recommendations are given on how to use the results as input for future work and the PROF/TRAC platform. Read the report here

The European Qualification Scheme on nZEB skills

The PROF/TRAC Qualification Scheme on nZEB skills constitutes a solid basis to compare the nZEB skills requested to different professions across Europe and to the same profession from one country to the other. It defines of i) harmonized work fields, ii) nZEB skills, iii) nZEB skills levels, iv) description of qualifications across Europe.

Read the report here and download the Qualification Scheme here.

National roadmap for successful implementation of nZEB trainings for professionals

15 November 2017 

In the framework of this EU funded project a template for national roadmaps was developed, focusing on the successful national implementation of nZEB trainings for professionals, linked to the PROF/TRAC EU nZEB qualification scheme. You can download the template here

The roadmaps were developed for the seven pilot countries during the project and you can find them here:


Czech Republic






Exploitation of PROF/TRAC platform

November 14, 2017

The exploitation of the PROF/TRAC results and Training Platform during and beyond the project duration passes through the active involvement of national training providers. The report about the first steps towards enlarging the pool of trainers joining PROF/TRAC scheme is available here.



A network to facilitate the multidisciplinary dialogue and promote the integrated design approach

August 31, 2016

PROF/TRAC international stakeholder network initiates discussions and organizes events, open discussions and webinars on national level implementation of EPBD, with special focus on NZEB.

The report about the network activities of the first 18 months is available here.


PROF/TRAC Dissemination and Communication

August 4, 2016

The PROF/TRAC project has produced a publicly available strategy for dissemination and communication of the project progress and results. The document is annually up-dated. View the second year version here.


Implementation of the NZEB national training programs

July, 2016

After having followed PROF/TRAC central Train the Trainers (TtT) program, the trainers have composed a specific training program for their country, targeting engineers, architects and managers.

The content of the national training programs for the first two rounds of pilots are summarised in this document.


Guidelines for the development of national NZEB training programs

July, 2016

Trained trainers are responsible for customizing PROF/TRAC nZEB qualification scheme to national needs and implementing the training action on national scale.

The guide to help trainers to develop their trainings is available here.



Mapping NZEB skills and qualifications across Europe

11 July, 2016

In this report you will find the methodology on Mapping of Skills and Qualifications on NZEB used within PROF/TRAC. Based on the methodology skills mappings have been developed in targeted countries. 

Download the skills mapping methodology here

15 November, 2017

Additionally you can download the Excel template for Skills mapping here. Feel free to use it for your country and please let us know any suggestions for improvement.



Train-the-Trainers (TtT) courses: preparing ambassadors to further roll-out and implement training actions on national scale

2016, April

Goal of the central Train-the-Trainers (TtT) program is to create ‘ambassadors’ for the PROF-TRAC project, who can adapt, initiate and organise national training programs and can train the trainers on national scale.

The description of Train-the-Trainers program as face-to-face training is available here.


The IDES - EDU Project

August, 2013

Master and Post Graduate education and training in multidisciplinary teams implementing EPBD and beyond

Download the final IDES - EDU report here

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