From the AFTER Pilot Sites to running routines for the European SHOs

Models of retro-commissioning routines and Models of technical books of specifications

This report is part of project
  • Energy management, 
  • Energy production, 
  • Energy reduction, 
  • Interdisciplinary skills, 
  • Awareness of energy efficiency, 
  • Smart grid systems, 
  • Domotic systems, 
  • Building management systems , 
  • Geothermal energy, 
  • Biomass, 
  • Biogass, 
  • District heating and cooling, 
  • Solar power systems for electricity generation, 
  • Heatpumps, 
  • Solar thermal systems for cooling generation, 
  • Solar thermal systems for domestic hot water and/or heating generation), 
  • Mini wind power, 
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP), 
  • Insulation, 
  • Air tightness building, 
  • Micro climates, 
  • Envelope systems, 
  • Hot water systems, 
  • Window and/or glazing systems, 
  • Heating and cooling emission systems, 
  • Electric heating systems, 
  • Artificial lighting systems, 
  • Ventilation systems, 
  • Communication, 
  • Information management, 
  • Collaboration, 
  • Quality assurance, 
  • Sustainable architectural design, 
  • Integrated design, 
  • Sustainable building materials, 
  • Sustainable installation materials, 
  • Environmental (indoor) quality, 
  • Economics, 
  • Procurement
This report is intened for:
  • Architect, 
  • Engineer, 
  • Project developer, 
  • Building owner
Report type:
  • Guidelines/Toolkits, 
  • Case studies
It belongs to next type of projects:
  • New construction, 
  • Renovation
This report describe that it can be implemented on next type of buildings:
  • Apartment house
Languages in which this report is available are:
  • English
From the AFTER Pilot Sites to running routines for the European SHOs
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