Benchmarking professional needs

Here you can download the results of the EDUCATE Benchmarking of Professional Needs in selected European and extra-European country. This presentation offers a synthesis of the state of the art of environmental awareness and demands in professional practice and identifies some of the main priorities for pedagogical and professional development.

This report is part of project
  • Interdisciplinary skills, 
  • Sustainable architectural design
This report is intened for:
  • Architect, 
  • PROF-TRAC trainer
Report type:
  • Reports/publications
It belongs to next type of projects:
  • New construction, 
  • Renovation
This report describe that it can be implemented on next type of buildings:
  • Office buildings, 
  • Apartment house, 
  • Single-family houses, 
  • Educational buildings, 
  • Other, 
  • Hospitals, 
  • Wholesale and retail buildings, 
  • Sport facilities
Languages in which this report is available are:
  • English
Benchmarking professional needs
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