Training experts

Petar Kisyov, Engineer

Main fields or skills:

  • energy efficiency in buildings and  in industrial systems
  • energy audits
  • solar energy and solar technologies
  • project management
  • HVAC design engineering

Short Bio:

(HVAC/Energy Efficiency, MSc) Petar Kisyov is heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineer and holds MSs in energy efficiency in buildings and industrial systems. He has been involved in managing EU projects (IEE & COSME) and local projects dealing with energy efficiency, renewable energies, energy savings, nearly zero energy buildings and energy trainings. He has been involved in technical design projects of heating, cooling and air conditioning installations, energy audits and envisioning of energy efficiency measures for residential and public buildings and industrial systems.

Email: petar.kisyov@eap-save.eu 
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