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HKIS is and independent professional organization in charge of chartered mechanical engineers in Croatia representing their common interests. HKIS also supervises that the chartered mechanical engineers workcompliant with the law and the public interest. The Chamber’s activities are based on its public authorities, as stipulated by the Croatian laws. The members of the Chamber, chartered mechanical engineers, are involved in design engineering and/or professional supervision. HKIS will host a “Train the Trainer”, develop national training programs and organizetwo pilot courses in PROF-TRAC.

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Name of contact person: Smiljka Pavić
Email: smiljka.pavic(at)
Address: Ulica grada Vukovara 278, HR-51000 Zagreb
Phone nr: +385 (0)17775 570

Training expert(s)

Igor Balen, Mechanical Engineer and Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical of the University of Zagreb

Main fields or skills
Building management systems; district heating and cooling; solar thermal systems for domestic hot water and/or heating generation; micro climates; ventilation systems.


Igor has worked on thermodynamics and HVAC systems at University of Zagreb since his graduation in 1991. In 1999 he completed his PhD thesis entitled “Analyses of efficiency of air-to-air heat recovery systems in air conditioning”. As researcher, he has worked on scientific projects related to energy management systems, rational energy use, energy saving and integration of renewable sources in HVAC.

He is now full professor and head of the department of thermodynamics, process and thermal engineering. As certified mechanical engineer, he has designed more than 60 HVAC systems for comfort and industrial applications in buildings.


Silvio Novak, Civil Engineer at Knauf Insulation

Main fields or skills.
Insulation; envelope systems; air tightness building; communication; sustainable building materials.


Particularly active on building physics issues: 

  • From 2001 to 2004. involved in the development of a computer program for calculation of thermal protection, as well as numerous projects related to energy saving and thermal insulation of buildings.
  • Certified energy certifier and author of the computer program “KI Expert”for the calculation of the energy required for heating in buildings. 
  • Forensic building expert at the County Court in Varaždin (Croatia), working mainly on building physics.
  • Reviewer of the Handbook for energy certificates, which refers to construction and technical regulations related to building physics.
  • Professional lecturer in the training of architects and engineers from the Society of Civil Engineers and Technicians of Zagreb, the Faculty of Architecture Building in Split, the Chamber of Architects and the Chamber of Construction Engineers.
  • Regular lecturer at seminars for training on energy certification of buildings held at  the Technical Faculty in Rijeka, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb, the Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, the Polytechnic of Slavonski Brod and the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Split and Osijek.
  • Successfully completed training programs for conducting energy audits and energy certification of buildings with simple and complex technical systems (Module I and II)
  • Author of the algorithm for calculating the required energy for heating and cooling buildings according to EN ISO 13790 (service provided to the Ministry of Construction and Urban Planning, July 2012).
  • Lecturer at the Green Building Council in Croatia (2012).


Branimir Pavkovic, Professor at faculty of engineering in University of Rijeka

Main fields or skills.
Heat pumps; solar thermal systems for cooling generation; solar thermal systems for domestic hot water and/or heating generation; heating and cooling emission systems; ventilation systems.


Full professor for subjects related to refrigeration and industrial processes at University of Rijeka – Faculty of Engineering. Master degree 1982, doctoral thesis in 1999. Work experience in process industry 1982-1986. Chartered mechanical engineer, member of Croatian chamber of mechanical engineers (HKIS), representative in REHVA. Author of 120 professional projects and energy studies related to HVAC&R, building energy efficiency and RES. Author of 4 books and 86 scientific papers. Member of ASHRAE, IIAR, IIR, Croatian academy of Engineering. Leader of several LLL programs on EE and EP.


Željko Šokčević, Architect

Main fields or skills.
Energy efficiency; energy audits; building physics; project coordination.


After obtaining diploma from Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, started working as a project assistant and later coordinator on projects dealing with energy in buildings. Until October 2016 worked as a Project Manager for energy efficiency projects; ESCO projects for private investors (preparation and implementation), energy performance of buildings audits/studies, cost-benefit analyses in energy efficiency projects, building physics calculation. Also, as a lead auditor, working on ISO 50001 energy management system implementation and consulting. Currently in the process of starting his own company.



Tomislav Tkalčić, Mechanical Engineer at Connecto projekt d.o.o.

Main fields or skills.
Heatpumps ; solar thermal systems for domestic hot water and/or heating generation; micro climates; ventilation systems; environmental (indoor) quality.


Education: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, 1992 - M.Sc. Mech.Eng.
Present position: Technical director, Designer and Supervising Engineer; Member of the Board of Croatian chamber of mechanical engineers (HKIS).
Key qualifications: Chartered Mechanical Engineer ; over then twenty-two years of working experience in the field of mechanical engineering (HVAC) as the Designer and nominated Supervising Engineer on a large number of construction projects; Certificate for the implementation of energy audits and energy certification of buildings


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