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Aalborg University (AAU) was inaugurated in 1974 as the fifth Danish university with more than 20,000 students registered. AAU conducts teaching and research in the fields of Humanities, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Medicine. The Architectural Engineering division of the Department of Civil Engineering is concerned with research and education in the analysis, design, construction, and operation of engineering systems. It focuses on an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to achieve optimal building designs and pays special attention to their impacts on the indoor as well as the surrounding environment. This implies integration of architectural design with engineering systems and other key players in all areas of the building process.

In PROF-TRAC AAU will participate in the development and implementation of the educational portal and the “train thetrainers” programme.

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Name of contact person: Per Heiselberg
Email: ph(at)
Address: Sofiendalsvej 11.101, 9200 Aalborg SV, DK
Phone nr: 9940 8541

Danish Society of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineers | DANVAK | Denmark

Danvak is a network for technical and scientific professionals working with heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The organisation is a collaboration between the IDA HVAC under the Danish Society of Engineers and Danish Society of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning called VVS Teknisk Forening. Danvak works to improve the members’ qualifications through knowledge sharing, meetings, seminars, conferences and scientific literature. Danvak is member of REHVA. In PROF-TRAC Danvak will develop and implement courses for engineers.


Name of contact person: Michael Mast
Email: info(at)
Address: Paul Bergsoes Vej 6, DK-2600 Glostrup, Denmark
Phone nr: +45 36 36 90 60

Training expert(s)

Michael Jørgensen, Architectural Engineer and Project Manager at COWI A/S

Main fields or skills.

Envelope systems; window and/or glazing systems; ventilation systems; sustainable (architectural) design; environmental (indoor) quality.


Michael has broad experience in designing energy-efficient buildings. Michael has been a working on several projects as a specialist and project manager within the field of Energy Design, Indoor Climate and Sustainability. He also took part in development of guidelines for daylight calculations and was a co-author of a number of publications regarding daylight design of buildings. With his background of architectural engineer specialised in building physics and installations, Michael in his everyday work applies state-of-the-art methods for energy reductions combined with aesthetic considerations.


Lena McNair, Architect and Head of CPD-courses at Danish Association of Architects

Main fields or skills.

Communication; information management; collaboration. 


Trained architect from KADK, Copenhagen.
Worked within the field of CPD-course development for professional architects for nearly 20 years.
Communication on architecture and sustainability


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