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Finnish Association of HVAC Societies | FINVAC | Finland

FINVAC is a joint organisation in Finland, in which four national societies of HVAC organizations (SuLVI, VSF, SIY, LIVI) participates. The societies are professional and technical societies devoted to promoting the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and allied technologies and to inform and training activities in this field.

Name of contact person: Siru Lönnqvist
Email: info(at)
Address: Sitratori 5 FIN-00420 Helsinki
Phone nr: +358 50 512 4369

Training experts

Risto Kosonen, Professor at Aalto University

Main fields or skills.
Ventilation systems; building management systems; heating and cooling emission systems; quality assurance; Environmental (indoor) quality


He has worked for 30 years in various research and development projects on indoor climate, high performing HVAC- systems and energy efficiency of buldings. At the moment, he is professor of HVAC technology at Aalto university. His previous job was in industry where he worked 17 years (Halton). Earlier he has work in consulting engineering company (Granlund) and technical research center (VTT). He is author of 319 publications including 22 peer reviewed scientific articles; 9 scientific books or book chapters. He has got John Rydberg Gold Medal Scanvac’s highest distinction on research.


Piia Sormunen, Director Advisor Services at Granlund Consulting Oy

Main fields or skills.
Energy management; energy production; energy reduction; information management; integrated design. 


Piia Sormunen is Doctor of Science in Technology (HVAC), who is focused on energy efficiency of environment and low-carbon construction. During the 20 years of her career she has been working in expertise, educational and management tasks in energy and environmental in built environment. One of her strengths is coordination of integrated design process in building projects which provide effective and high quality end results in projects.


Maija Virta, Engineer at Santrupti engineers

Main fields or skills.
Building management systems; heating and cooling emission systems; ventilation systems; quality assurance; environmental (indoor) quality


Maija Virta is the Founder and Director of Santrupti engineers Private Limited. She has 25 years of experience in construction and HVAC-industry. Her chief areas of expertise are indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency of buildings as well as sustainable building policies and technologies. She has more than 10 years of experience of onsite work to improve IAQ both in Europe and in India. Before starting her own company, Maija was CEO of the Green Building Council Finland.


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