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The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland | RIAI | Ireland

Founded in 1839, the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland supports and regulates the architectural profession and promotes the value that architecture brings to society for everyone’s benefit.

The RIAI engages with government, the professions, industry, clients and the public to promote quality in architecture; to deliver quality and sustainability in the built environment; to enrich our distinctive culture and heritage; to contribute to the competitiveness of our economy; and to improve quality of life for the people of Ireland, today and for generations to come. We also provide support services to Architects and Architectural Technologists.

The RIAI seeks to provide architects with the professional training, education and research support required to consolidate the role of the RIAI - and the architecture profession generally - as champions of exemplary practice in architecture and urbanism; and to provide high quality professional services, public education, outreach programmes, and consumer protection to clients, end-users and the public.

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Address: 8 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Phone nr: + 353 (0)1 676 1703


Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) | Ireland

Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) is an institution of higher education in Limerick, Ireland and is one of 14 member institutions of the Technological Higher Education Association (THEA). The institute is unique in Ireland as it offers courses in 3 counties; Limerick, Tipperary and Clare and provides special purpose modules and courses across Europe in the fields of social enterprise, energy and rural development through the Development Unit within the RDI (Research Development & Innovation).

LIT offers courses at EFQ Level 5 (certificate) through Level 8 (Doctorate) whilst also catering for craft apprentices and adult & continuing education. LIT has a distinctive approach to Teaching and Learning known as the Active Learning Philosophy. Whatever discipline area is offered the core methodology is active and practical; lab work, studio work, case studies, field visits, group assignments and more. This approach to teaching and learning is embedded in assessment strategies and campus development underpinned by staff developments such as workshops and an online repository of active learning strategies.

Training expert(s)

Dara Stewart, Architect at IHER Energy Services

Main fields or skills.

Sustainable (architectural) design; environmental (indoor) quality; insulation; air tightness building; ventilation systems.


Dara has over 15 years experience working in architecture and building energy consultancy. She has a Masters in Environmental Design of Buildings from Cardiff University and is a registered Architect, registered NSAI thermal modeller, BER Assessor and Certified Passive House Designer. She has previously worked on the IEE BUILD UP Skills Qualibuild project, the IEE Episcope Project and IEE nZEB Open Doors Ireland Campaign. She delivers Building Energy Rating training and CPD training to Architects and recently completed the CPD certificate course ‘Professional Energy Skills in nZEB’.


Elisabeth (Lis) O’Brien, Architect, Sustainable Energy Engineer and Trainer


Limerick Institute of Technology LIT

Main fields or skills: 

  • Sustainable (architectural) design
  • Sustainable building and installation materials
  • Air tightness building
  • Quality assurance
  • Communication

Short Bio: 

  • Ran an architectural practice for over 17 years
  • Became the Project Support Officer for the Rural & Sustainable Development Unit in LIT.
  • Coordinates various EU funded H2020 & ERASMUS+ projects in sustainability, innovative building design, training construction workers & professionals
  • Research in VET, energy efficiency & climate change.
  • Extensive experience in sustainable design, procurement & project management in the construction sector with knowledge on renewables, energy auditing, sustainable techniques and technologies.
  • Sits on the e-committee for NSAI
  • Outside LIT, assists with community organisations in rural Ireland on funding and their sustainability.
Email: elisabeth.obrien(at)    
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