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Afeka Institute of Engineering and Circular Economy | Israel

Afeka Institute of Engineering and Circular Economy and is a platform for the development of technological engineering and business solutions that enable the transition to the circular economic system which maintains the values ​​of the resources invested in the economy. The Institute combines knowledge in the disciplines in engineering, system services, and logistical planning, trains and assists technology developers to reach the market through guidance in developing environmental innovation and creating partnerships, and assists companies seeking to test new business models to understand and experience the potential of this new world. The Institute will also offer academic training in engineering and management as part of the institute's curriculum.

Training expert(s)

Avi Blau, industrial engineer

Company: Afeka Institute of Circular Engineering and Economy
Main fields or skills: collaboration, economics, procurement, sustainability, professional
Short bio: industrial engineer, M.Sc sustainability sciences. Head of Afeka Institute of Circular Engineering and Economy. Serves as sustainability consultant to the Israeli ministry of finance, and ministry of environment
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