Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration | AiCARR | Italy

Thanks to the efforts of its members, AiCARR creates and promotes culture in the field of technological systems for production, distribution and use of thermal energy in both residential and industrial buildings.

With a view to achieving energy efficiency and environmental comfort, AiCARR addresses the issues of energy saving, the use of renewable energy sources and control over the management of plants and systems.


Address: Via Melchiorre Gioia 168, 20125 Milano, Italy

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Italian Chamber of Architects | CNAPCC | Italy

The National Council of Architects, whose activity of study of professional issues is pursued through the work done by their departments, takes the decisions in order to provide opinion and interpretation about issues and laws concerning the exercise of the profession of architect. 

CNAPPC take part inPROFessional multi-disciplinary TRAining and Continuing development in skills for NZEB principles in order with organization and coordination of pilot actions, running of the pilots, monitoring of activities from pilot actions experiences, monitoring of activities and experiences from new locations, exploitation strategy, dissemination and communication plan.


Name of contact person: Giusy Ranca, Dipartimento Esteri CNAPPC
Email: esteri.cnappc(at)
Address: Via Santa Maria dell’Anima 10, 00186 Roma, Italia
Phone nr: +39 06 68899036

CPD training on NZEB in Italy

Training expert(s)

Caterina Capri, Architect

Main fields or skills.
Micro climates; insulation; solar power systems for electricity generation; sustainable (architectural) design. 


Born in 1986, she graduated summa cum laude at Polytechnic of Turin in July 2011 with a thesis on sustainable design, focused on bioclimatic architecture.

After working in France for an international design studio, she specialized in sustainable design and modeling B.I.M., building renovations and interior design.

Since 2012 she is teaching Building Physics, Energy and B.I.M. as assistant of the university Professor Marco Torri, in Polytechnic of Milan. In parallel she keeps collaborating as a freelance with several architects and design studios.


Pier Nicola Currà, Architect at Pier Currà Architettura

Main fields or skills

Sustainable (architectural) design; integrated design; micro climates; envelope systems; ventilation systems.


After a master degree in Architecture and Building Engineering at University of Bologna, in 2012, I was assignee of a post master degree scholarship at Natural Cooling Ltd. in London. I am registered to the Italian Architect Association since 2013 and I am qualified as LEED GA and Passive House Tradesperson Trainer. My expertise is in technology of architecture especially regarding natural ventilation and dynamic simulations. I’ve also participated at some national and international seminars and workshops and I published some articles in specialist journals. I started my design company in 2015.


Francesca Romana d’Ambrosio, Full professor of Building Physics at University of Salerno

Main fields or skills

Insulation; air tightness building; micro climates; environmental (indoor) quality.


  • Mechanical Engineer, PhD in Biomedical Technologies.
  • Vice President of Ergonomics Committee and coordinator of the WG Physical Environments of the UNI.
  • Member of the UNI CT on Cultural Heritage.
  • Expert member in the SC/1 (Heat transfer and fluid-dynamics) and SC/5 (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration).
  • WGs of the Italian Thermotecnical Committee.
  • Elected President of AiCARR, Italian Association of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration, (2017-2019).
  • REHVA Fellow.
  • Vice chair of the Publishing and Marketing Committee of REHVA.
  • Italian Official Representative in ISO and CEN Thermal Environment WGs.


Adele Folghera, Architect and University Assistant at Polytechnic of Milan

Main fields or skills

Micro climates; insulation; solar power systems for electricity generation; sustainable (architectural) design.


Born in 1990, she graduated at Polytechnic of Milani in February 2014 with a thesis on the analysis of the input flows, climate analysis and design for a new reception building in the sanctuary of Lourdes, France

After working in France for an international design studio, she specialized in sustainable design and modeling B.I.M. , building renovations and interior design.

Since 2012 she has been working as university assistant at Polytechnic of Milan, collaborating with Professor Marco Torri. In parallel she keeps collaborating as a freelance with several architects and design studios.

Marco Torri, Architect and Adjunct Professor at Polytechnic of Milan

Main fields or skills

Building management systems; insulation; biomass; sustainable installation materials; communication


He graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, member of the Italian IAI / BIM chapter, Adjunct Professor at the Politecnico di Milano of Building Physics. "I.T.R. Protea "UNIT 'RESEARCH / LAB Polimi. BIM energy consultant SACERT, published "A methodology for the Energy Performance classification of residential building stock on urban stairs." Designer plants in ITALY EXPO 2015. Owner of architectural firm "Torri Architects"


Luca Zecchin, Architect and PhD at University of Trento

Main fields or skills

Sustainable architectural design; integrated design.


Luca Zecchin, Architect (Iuav 2005) and PhD (Unitn 2011), is Post-Doc and Lecturer in Architectural Design at the University of Trento. He combines research, teaching and design activities of architecture, city, landscape and territory, focusing on the innovation of design theories, techniques and tools. He received awards and honors for projects, applied researches and national and international competitions, especially in interdisciplinary teams. He is the author of essays and publications including “Architecture and Sustainability” and “Marginal Spaces Architecture”.


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