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Name of contact person: J.L. (John) Lens, managing director
Email: j.lens(at)
Address: De Mulderij 12, 3831 NV Leusden NL
Phone nr: 0031334345750

Training experts

Ing. J.N.M. Bijman, Coordinator Education at TVVL

Main fields or skills

Heatpumps; hot water systems; heating and cooling emission systems; ventilation systems; environmental (indoor) quality.


After finishing his study mechanical engineering at the Technical High School in 1986 I started to work in a engineering company for procesengineering. Later on I switched to the HVAC sector. Mostly in technical sales in ventilation solutions and comfort for buildings.
In 1996 I started to work in the knowledge transfer, including education, technical publications and magazins. For almost 10 years I was Involved in the realization of Heating l and Ventilation, a well read technical magazine in the Netherlands.
In 2008 I switched to TVVL as Coördinator Education. In this job I am responsible for the organization of several, post graduated, courses in the field of building services.


Martijn Geurts, Engineer and Manager at INNAX

Main fields or skills.
Building management systems; geothermal energy; heatpumps; solar power systems for electricity generation; integrated design.


Besides the daily management of a group engineers also responsible for several sustainable projects. Knowledge of both electrical and mechanical installations. Also teaches building technology and sustainability for a number of training centers in the Netherlands.


Jan Grift, Senior Energy Consultant at Energy Matters BV

Main fields or skills.
District heating and cooling; combined Heat and Power (CHP); heat pumps; biomass; solar thermal systems for domestic hot water and/or heating generation.


My experience is more than 30 years of consultancy in energy saving and energy supply. Customers are industrial firms and complex buildings like hospitals and universities. Recent years my scope is more fixed on energy supply.
My goal is to lead my team to be the best consultants on the subject of energy supply.
Subjects are CHP, fuel cells, Organic Rankine Cycle, Heat and cold storage, heat pumps, absorption cooling, aquifers, biomass CHP.
My personal specialties are energy saving in complex buildings, gas engines, biomass, gasification, gas turbines, heat pumps, process integration, pinch technology, analyzing heat, cold and electricity demand and domestic heating and cooling. System modeling (technical and economical).


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