Training expert(s)

Yacobus Mardagiono, EDGE Buildings’ Expert & Auditor, Legal & Operation and Financial manager

Country: Indonesia
Company: PT Yodaya Hijau Bestari

Main fields or skills: 

Economics, Procurement, Information management, Environmental (indoor) quality and Sustainable building materials

Short Bio: 
  • EDGE Buildings’ Expert & Auditor;
  • Greenship Associate (GA) in Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI);
  • Core team of an Indonesian based green building startup consultant;

Email:   delovara@gmail.com      

Raquel Diniz Oliveira, Professor, Architect at CEFET MG

Country: Brazil
Company: CEFET MG
Main fields or skills:

Sustainable (architectural) design, Envelope systems, Ventilation systems, Sustainable building materials, Environmental (indoor) quality.  

Short Bio:

  • Tenure Professor at Department of Civil Engineering (CEFET MG, Brazil),
  • PhD. in Civil Engineering,
  • M. Arch,
  • Architect,
  • Consultant in Building Energy Efficiency and Building Labelling,
  • Researcher in Green Building Topics.

Main papers are available on: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Raquel_Oliveira15 

Email: raqueldiniz(at)cefetmg.br 
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