Training organisation(s)

Spanish Technical Association of HVAC and Refrigeration | ATECYR | Spain

ATECYR was founded in 1974 with the aim of combining efforts of practitioners to achieve better development and implementation air conditioning, heating and cooling technologies in Spain. ATECYR now comprises 13 provincial associations, 1.500 members and 100 Patron Members. ATECYR’S main goals are the creation, collection and dissemination of scientific and technical information, related to the technologies of Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation, Energy and Environment. ATECYR performs annually nearly 100 technical sessions for over 6.000 professionals and provides about 60 training courses for over 1.200 students.


Name of contact person: Ana Magdaleno
Email: info(at)
Address: Agastia 112 A
Phone nr: +34 91 767 13 55

Valencia Institute of Building | IVE | Spain

IVE is a research institute that seeks to improve the quality and sustainability in the construction process, whose main roleis to organize and coordinate seven national training programs pilots during the projectand to develop an engagement strategy of national organizations for future nationaltraining programs.

Name of contact person: Leticia Ortega
Email: lortega(at)
Address: TresForques, 98
Phone nr: +34 961 207 531

Consejo Superior de Colegios de Arquitectos de España – CSCAE - Spain


CSCAE is the body that brings together all the Colleges of Architects of Spain for the achievement of the purposes of general common interest. Its action domains are juridical, cultural, international and technical, notably providing a coordinated service of the technical matters of updating, diffusion and training of the architect. CSCAE is member of ACE. Cooperating with PROF/TRAC network, CSCAE will further develop and implement courses for NZEB professionals

E-mail: cscae(at)
Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 12, 28046 Madrid, Spain
Phone nr: +0034 914 352 200

The University of Córdoba (UCO) - Spain

The University of Córdoba (UCO), is a public university located in Córdoba (Spain), chartered in 1972. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies in humanities, social sciences, health sciences, natural sciences and engineering with more than 15000 students registered annually.

The Department of Applied Thermodynamics provides courses in undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to building energy systems, indoor environment, heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems and building energy performance. Research work is focused on indoor environment and new HVAC systems.

Name of contact person: Manuel Ruiz de Adana
Email: manuel.ruiz(at)
Address: Campus of Rabanales – Building Da Vinci – 14071 Cordoba Spain
Phone: +34 957212237


Training experts

César Martín Gómez, PhD Architect at Universidad de Navarra

Main fields or skills

Building management systems; district heating and cooling; heating and cooling emission systems; sustainable (architectural) design; integrated design.


I have been the responsible of building services in complex buildings such as the Auditorium of Navarra, the University Clinic or the Spanish Pavilion at the Saragossa Expo. I have worked in the Architecture Department in the Spanish Renewable Energies Center (CENER), and as Building Services and Energy Coordinator in Mangado & Asociados.
Nowadays I work as researcher and professor in the School of Architecture in the Universidad de Navarra.


Leticia Ortega Madrigal, PhD Architect, Training Manager at Valencia Institute of Buillding and Associated Teacher at Polythecnic University Valencia

Main fields or skills

Insulation; window and/or glazing systems; information management; sustainable (architectural) design; sustainable building materials.


She is Training Manager at Valencia Institute of Buillding (IVE).Her research are focused energy conservation, community based research, environmental education and community based social marketing, environmental assessment. She is assessor of Certified Professional in Accelerating Transition-Climate-KIC initiative.Lecturer at Polytechnic University of Valencia in several courses and masters . She has national technical publications and peer-reviewed articles in sutainibility building field.
She is associated teacher in Polythecnic University Valencia.


Pedro Vicente, PhD Engineer and Professor at Universidad Miguel Hernández

Main fields or skills.
Building management systems; heatpumps; solar power systems for electricity generation; solar thermal systems for domestic hot water and/or heating generation; heating and cooling emission systems. 


Born in Elche, Alicante, Spain in 1971, Pedro Gines Vicente Quiles is a Mechanical Engineer since 1997 and Phd since 2002. In 1997 he joined the Polytechnic University of Cartagena as Assistant and he moved to Miguel Hernández University of Elche in 2001. He is now university professor in thermodynamics and heat Transfer.

During 17 years of teaching he has directed more than 50 diploma works and three Phd thesis. He has published more than 20 papers in high impact journals. He has written nine books on solar thermal energy, instrumentation, heat pumps, energy efficiency in facilities and renewable energy in buildings.


Laura Soto Francés, PhD Architect and Project Manager at Valencia Institute of Building

Main fields or skills

On-site renewable energy production; insulation; window and/or glazing systems; communication ; sustainable (architectural) design.


She is project manager for EU projects at International R&D&i Department at Valencia Institute of Building (IVE). Expert on environmental management, sustainable product, environmental innovation, impacts of environmental policies and voluntary certification schemes on companies and industrial sectors.
She is Board Member of Sustainable Building Alliance (
Lecturer at in several courses and masters . She has national technical publication..She has authored peer-reviewed articles in in various aspects of energy efficiency in buildings, including both nZEB and deep renovation.


Juan Travesí Cabetas, Consultant Engineer at A.C.H. S.L.P.

Main fields or skills

Heatpumps; heating and cooling emission systems; collaboration; integrated design; environmental (indoor) quality.


Academic background:
•industrial engineer graduated at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid., licence number 9.165 in Madrid;
• member of A.S.H.R.A.E. (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers) since December 1999, currently responsible of the technical and conferences committee at ASHRAE Spain Chapter;
• ATECYR member since January 2002, currently today member of the board of governors; 
• NFPA member since September 2007.

Teaching experience: teacher at the IE University since 2011.

Professional experience: since 1995 working as a design engineer at A.C.H. S.L., main engineer and principal partner of the company since 2005.


Alvaro Velasco, Architect at FIDAS and Building regulations Consultant at CSCAE


  • FIDAS (Seville Foundation for research and dissemination of architecture) 
  • CSCAE Nacional Architects Official Board

Main fields or skills: 

  • Envelope systems
  • Window and/or glazing systems
  • Sustainable (architectural) design
  • Integrated design
  • Sustainable building materials

Short Bio:

Career spanning more than 12 years focusing on building regulations integration, energy reduction, and other National Building Code Regulations. 

Consultant for building regulations. Technical Board for discussion of technical new regulations. CPD consultant.

Trainer and trainer for Building Performance Evaluation issued by  IDAE and AAE-Andalusia. CPD Passivhaus Designer

Member of Sustainable Construction Board of Regional Government of Andalusia.  Assessor for National Board of Architects (CSCAE) and State Ministery in Building Code approach for Docomomo buildings.

Antonio Maciá Mateu, Dr. Architect at University of Alicante

Main fields or skills:

  • Sustainable (architectural) design
  • Integrated design

Short Bio: 

  • DIRECTOR of Architecture. Higher Polytechnic School. University of Alicante (2017-  )
  • SUBDIRECTOR OF INFRASTRUCTURES. Higher Polytechnic School. University of Alicante. (2000-2003)
  • PRESIDENT  Territorial College of Architects of Alicante (2011-2017).
  • Coordinator CAT (Technological Advisory Center) of the official College of architects of Valencia. (COACV). (2009-2017)
  • Coordinator of the CTE (Technical Code Building) COMMITTEE of the official College of architects of Valencia. (COACV). (2006-2008).
  • Professor at the university since 1997. Degree in fundamentals of architecture and Master in Architecture of the EPS (Higher Polytechnic School). University of Alicante.
  • Member of the Research Group: GRESMES (
  • Director of WOHArchitecture and design. World Of Holistic Architecture.
  • Curator of several exhibitions of architecture.
  • Patent on design of buildings of maximum energy efficiency.
  • FIRST National Extraordinary Prize of Completion of Studies in the specialty of Technical Architecture. Superior Council. Madrid. 1993.
  • SECOND National Prize for Completion of University Studies (Architecture). Ministry of Education and Science. Madrid 1994.
  • Several prizes of architecture built and competition of ideas.

Manuel Ruiz de Adana, PhD Engineer and Professor

Company: University of Cordoba

Main fields or skills: 

  • Environmental (indoor) quality
  • Ventilation systems
  • Solar thermal systems for cooling generation

Short Bio:

Born in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain, in 1966, Manuel Ruiz de Adana is a Marine Engineer since 1990 and Phd Industrial Engineer since 2002. In 1994, he joined the School of Industrial Engineering at the University of La Rioja (Spain) as Assistant Professor and he moved to the School of Industrial Engineering at the University of Córdoba in 2006.

Professor in Master and Ph.D. courses. Supervisor Ph.D. and M.Sc. students. Member of Ashrae and Atecyr-Rehva. His present research is related to energy efficiency of HVAC systems and indoor air topics.

Email: manuel.ruiz(at)

Social network accounts: 

Jose L. Vázquez Otero, Industrial Engineer


IES Universidade Laboral

Main fields or skills: 

  • Heat pumps
  • Solar systems
  • Air tightness building
  • Collaboration
  • Integrated design

Short Bio:

Industrial Engineer, Industrial Technical Engineer, Master in Sustainable Construction Technologies and Passivhaus Designer.
Professor of Organization and Projects of Energy Systems since 2002. Trainer of trainers for the Ministry of Education and other organizations in Energy Efficiency. Head of the Department of Energy and Water and Coordinator of International Programs at IES Universidade Laboral. Expert in curricular development in the Ministry of Education in the Professional Families of IMA and ENA. Freelance consultant.
Vocal of Training in COETICOR.

Email: jvotero(at) 

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